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Contemplare, Contemplata aliis et Tradere

Dominican College, with a rich heritage rooted in the Dominican Friars' tradition and the Spanish Dominican Sisters' missionary zeal since the 1920s, embodies a deep commitment to contemplation, academic excellence, and sharing knowledge for the betterment of society. This prestigious institution has evolved through history, from its early days as Academia de Santa Catalina to its current status, continually adapting to societal needs while steadfastly nurturing Filipino, Catholic, and Dominican values, thus shaping individuals who contribute significantly to both local and global communities.


Nestled in the heart of San Juan City, Metro Manila, Dominican College spans a sprawling 20,012 square meter campus at 179 F. Blumentritt Street, Barangay Tibagan. This vibrant educational hub features five distinct buildings, each tailored to specific academic departments, and boasts a comprehensive array of facilities including state-of-the-art laboratories, a grand auditorium, a serene chapel, and recreational spaces like a gymnasium and swimming pool, all designed to foster a conducive learning environment.


Admissions for S.Y. 2024-2025 is on going!

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